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We source all our products locally first, choosing the absolute best from producers who care.

Fresh air, sunshine, space to live and grow, healthy and natural food… all things that make us feel great. The same goes for the animals who are part of our diet – when they live a good life they thrive and provide meat that tastes better and is better for us.

As shepherds of not only animals, but also the environment, our farmers take the time to practice good pasture management, which helps replenish nutrients in the soil and encourages effective plant growth. Healthy animals lead to healthy soil which leads to healthy and nutritious vegetables and grains for generations to come.

That’s why we only partner with producers who raise their animals right: open pastures, quality local feed, no growth hormones, humane treatment. They care about their land, their animals and YOU!

We make it easier for our farmers to keep producing their amazing product by making sure we pay them fair. Raising animals this way takes more time and effort than factory farming – putting quality over quantity always does – so we make it worthwhile for them to do the right thing without being forced into unethical practices simply to survive.

We support local, sustainable, ethical farmers because it’s the right thing to do, and the right thing tastes great!


Do you know where your meat comes from? Being close to your meat supply ensures quality, pricing, availability and stimulates our local economy. Did you know a steak served in Saskatoon can have a meat supply chain reaching as far as Australia? We source our meat only from remote Saskatchewan farms, and our commitment to this will NEVER change.


Grovenland Farm – Lanigan (Pork)
Amendt Farm – Hepburn (Pork, Beef)
Kattle Kountry – Chaplin (Beef)
Original Family Farm – Vanscoy (Chicken)
Bowey Barn – Senlac (Eggs)
Blue Heron Gardens – Cudworth (Honey)
Big Rose Farms – Biggar (Lamb)


We have our staple products, but due to natural growth periods we often have new, seasonal and exciting products.

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